Education in today has many definitions, in just one click there you could find so many meanings that could help you understand much better how education works. For me to be writing this topic is a broad discussion but since today we are celebrating the hard works not just by the student in particular but also the parents. It’s the month of March meaning their are a lot of students graduating from different schools, different levels of education from Elementary, High school and of coarse college level. Congratulations graduates.

Education now in our generation is very important due to the fact that in this millennium it’s hard to find a stable job if you’re not able to finish any degree. Many today pursue their dreams by really finishing something to be in the real world. But as what I have noticed many youths today is just ignoring the importance of education. I have a lot of friends who are not member of the out of school youth, even though they finish high school. I keep questioning myself on why do they keep on having this battle with me on how they can improve their life by having a said degree.

Okay! i have something to share with you, I stopped for a year during my first year in college. Yeah, if I battled along the loneliness I felt I should be a 3rd year Education student at CdeO. I have experienced being “tambay” for a year and that’s where I really understand how education could help me become a a better daughter to my parents. It’s really hard to find suitable jobs that you always wanted. I don’t criticized the jobs of other fellow countrymen out there that don’t fit to them but it’s much more easier to work on a nice area right?

I do believe that even if you don’t have that money, you can still find ways to be at school. Being poor is not a hindrance at all. Educatuin is the key to success and I hope to find that success when I graduate in a few years time.


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