The Philippines, a predominantly Catholic nation, will be celebrating the annual Holy Week next week. The highlight of the Lenten Season are the following dates:

April 2, 2015 – Maundy Thursday

April 3, 2015 – Good Friday

April 4, 2015 – Black Saturday

April 2 and 3 are both declared as regular national holidays while April 4 is a special non-working holiday. That is stipulated in President Benigno Aquino III’s Proclamation 831, which was released July last year. The declaration effectively gives Filipinos a rare four-day weekend.

The pay rules for these days are discussed below, as taken from the Statutory Handbook on Workers’ Statutory Benefits released by the Department of Labor and Employment


I have chosen this video of the popular true to life love team Jamich which is entitled By Chance. They became popular way back 2012 if I could remember it right. They have this you tube channel which they post their short films  that films that hit the Filipino  people due to “kilig” factor they are showing in there videos.

This video, By Chance is there most popular one due to the fact that this video is there true love story. When I saw it for the time, I have really enjoyed it and found out that they have been posting more and more short films and as expected they become more popular. During that year where people start to recognize them, they became the most searched couple in the you tube and other social media sites.

The due to the fact that they are popular through you tube, they have been invited to many shows on television and radio stations. They have a fan based already in different areas not only in Metro Manila but also in other cities all over the Philippines.

After that instant popularity, Jamich is quietly vanishing from the said spot light. Many fans wondered what happened to the you tube stars. People start to forget the love team .As years passed by many speculate that the said love team separate ways due to issues that happened. Last year, 2014, the love team hit the spot light again, but in a very hard situation, Jam Sebastian has been diagnosed with lung cancer and its stage 4. That broke everyone’s heart and as what people thought also Michelle Liggayu. The said couple battled the cancer for almost a year but as what God has planned for Jam. He died, March 2015. People show there sympathy to the family of Jam but almost to Michelle. But social media now hates Mitch because of her alleged cheating to a man named Neo. All I can say is that many loves don’t last forever. Maybe they are not really meant for each other. I just hope that Mitch did love Jam till his last breath. Jam rest in peace.


As I wake up each day, I always give thanks to the Lord for letting me experience another life, another day to feel His undying love not just for me but for everyone in this world we are living in. But as I grew, as I gain knowledge I have really noticed how the world is changing, how people do some things that is not that healthy for themselves but also not healthy for others. Why do some of this people have this grudge over violence? How come they can do such things? So many questions that’s pondering my mind right now about this phenomena where witnessing right now.

During my childhood years I don’t really care about the news because I was too busy being a child nut as I grew older I have realized that lately all the news that is been published whether in the social sites, radio stations, television it’s always about bad things, like killing, bombing, etc. I know there are still some good news in it but out of 100% I could say that there is 80% news today are about violence. Even if it’s involving popular persona or just regular people. There are also crimes being committed within the church. As for the officials that run our country.

Who would forget the massacre that happened just this year? The tragic massacre that killed our 44 soldiers in Masasapano, Maguindanao. That fatal night that killed a father, a son and a human being.That night that they fought for our country just to hunt down 1 terrorist and they are successful in killing that said 1 man but exchanged it with the lives of 44 soldiers. A tragic event it is and people in the politics keep on blaming person after person. How come they cannot stand up and admit that they have done a wrong move? How do they sleep at night?

People are people but do we really need to be unfair and unjust to giving this world a peaceful world to live in? Why can’t we just live our lives in unity? Well , I think many people want popularity, power and money, who wouldn’t want that right? Do it really have to be cruelty?

I wanna have a place to live in that not scares me to sleep at night, having this questions in my mind. I wanna grow my future children to a community where people won’t  indicate any possible violence. A peaceful world is that a hard thing to ask right now? Are we just gonna let violence jump in first?



Education in today has many definitions, in just one click there you could find so many meanings that could help you understand much better how education works. For me to be writing this topic is a broad discussion but since today we are celebrating the hard works not just by the student in particular but also the parents. It’s the month of March meaning their are a lot of students graduating from different schools, different levels of education from Elementary, High school and of coarse college level. Congratulations graduates.

Education now in our generation is very important due to the fact that in this millennium it’s hard to find a stable job if you’re not able to finish any degree. Many today pursue their dreams by really finishing something to be in the real world. But as what I have noticed many youths today is just ignoring the importance of education. I have a lot of friends who are not member of the out of school youth, even though they finish high school. I keep questioning myself on why do they keep on having this battle with me on how they can improve their life by having a said degree.

Okay! i have something to share with you, I stopped for a year during my first year in college. Yeah, if I battled along the loneliness I felt I should be a 3rd year Education student at CdeO. I have experienced being “tambay” for a year and that’s where I really understand how education could help me become a a better daughter to my parents. It’s really hard to find suitable jobs that you always wanted. I don’t criticized the jobs of other fellow countrymen out there that don’t fit to them but it’s much more easier to work on a nice area right?

I do believe that even if you don’t have that money, you can still find ways to be at school. Being poor is not a hindrance at all. Educatuin is the key to success and I hope to find that success when I graduate in a few years time.



Hi! I am writing about my sister today. I’m gonna share to the world how wonderful it is to have an older sister .

My sister’s name is Alice Kierstine S. Mapano, she is now 24 years of age and she’s gonna be 25 this June. She is a graduate of Bukidnon State University having the degree of Bachelor of Public Administration major in Local Governance.

My sister and i have a huge gap on our age, 6 years to be exact, despite the huge gap we remained close and open with each other. she is the type of person than can adjust at any people she will meet. I do like the way my sister would treat people in a nice way even if that person may not be suitable to be in the circle of friends she has, she can adapt quickly. No matter what scenario of characteristics that people may have. Many of my friends told me that my sister is “maldita”, honestly speaking yes, she is very maldita to the people who are not nice and to the people who have been bad to us specially to my mother and I. She’s is very much protective of me that even though she don’t like one of my friend, she would be forced to like her just to make me happy.

My sister is always optimistic in every way possible, I don’t know where she get that attitude that despite the hardship she had experienced in her life, she still manage to smile and be strong all through out the years. My sisters’ weak side can be only seen by me even though she will not tell me what’s wrong. She don’t want to share any problems of her to anyone because she’s afraid that they will pity her.

Having her as my older sister makes me feel so lucky. She saves me from pain and sadness, she is my strength in times of struggles and difficulties. I admire her in many ways she could imagine, she doesn’t know what she brings in my life. Every aspects of her makes me want to be strong cause I know that she’s in pain now yet she manage to show us how important it is to have a relationship with God.

Ate if you will read this I hope I’ve made you smile despite just a second. I now that you’re happy but also now that you cry yourself to sleep at night. Please do remember that I’m always here . I love you ate



I know just by the title of my new post, you would also remember moments that you’re afraid of sharing or even don’t like to experience again yet I also know that despite that you have enjoyed even for a little bit of it. Let me share with you some of my embarrassing moments of my life. So i hope you have experienced it too. Nah! I’m just kidding. Enjoy reading guys.

Way back when I’m still at a very young age or let me simplify it during my elementary days, I’ve experienced a lot if awkward moments that now I just laugh about it. For example, when you climb a tree and accidentally, you fell hard on the ground and then you’re friends laugh at you? Haha, yeah i knew you have experienced it too. I also experienced  running so fast and just stumble down so hard that all you have to do is go home and cry because of embarrassment  .

During high school I’ve joined a pageant despite me being shy and not having any self-esteem in my blood yet I still entered. But after the said pageant I realized how embarrassing it is to enter such thing. Posing for picture and being published all through out school and I think also in the internet. How ugly I am way back.

Well this happened just recently. I have been suffering from pain in my foot for quite a while now but because I’m stubborn I still went to school despite the excruciating pain I’m feeling. i forced my foot to walk all throughout the day and at school. During having a lecture from one of our instructor my classmates actually my close friend noticed that I’m became more pale as of my normal color, she ten asked me what’s going on. I told her that my foot is hurting so bad that I could not contain the pain anymore. Then a sudden commotion happened, my classmates panicked because I am about to collapsed any minute. My classmates decided that I should go home. One of my classmate has his own ride so two of them helped me and offered me a ride home. When we reached home one of my classmate carried me home because I cannot walk for myself. After putting me down he said ” Jeka, you’re to little and skinny yet you are heavy. “. Immediately I blushed out of embarrassment and too shy to spoke to him for quite some time. But now were good as new.

Remembering some of this moments makes me laugh hard because it made me realize that you have to experienced all that just to be as good and as better as ever. That are some of my embarrassing moments in life. 



Life is like a bottle of war, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but whatever it takes we always put in our mind that those things are just a challenge for us to test our faith. We may encounter different experiences in life, an experience that sometimes it’s hard to forget and sometimes an experience that worse as ever.

My unforgettable moment started  when I fall in love to a guy  which I thought would be my happy ever after .

He was my childhood friend. We became friends because his sister and I are friends and also we have a lot of common friends. We are not that close yet every time we bumped into each other we gave each other half-smiles due to the awkwardness we feel for each other.

As days passed by we became close and that feeling that you realized that I like him and I find him attractive. I kept that feeling to anyone even to his sister because I was scared that he may knew that i have this crush on him but later did I know that his sister knew that i liked him through my actions. I do really blush every time he talks to me, even if it’s just a simple hi, it makes my heart skipped a beat.

Years passed by I just ignored the feeling because i knew we wouldn’t end up having a relationship but secretly I just hide it in the corner of my heart . We merely see each other due to the busy life we have. Apparently we end up being text mates, we text all through the night and sometimes we call each other just to patch things up. Then there that came that day that he actually told me that he has feelings for me, shocked as ever i still managed to maintain myself from jumping on my bed and hide that ” kilig factor “. My blood rushed to my face that made me like red as an apple. He asked me to be his girlfriend then due to the feelings that hide to the corner of my heart i gave him that yes that he wanted to hear.

That day was the most happiest. I’m really inspired to wake up each day even though I have some problems yet I can still ignore it because I know he is always there to comfort and encourage me to be positive in life. Our relationship is going strong until he told me that he decided to work far but just in the Philippines. I was scared to continue the relationship because many people say that long distance relationship won’t work at all. He told me that everything will be just fine, so we continued the said relationship. the first few days are really hard because we are used on seeing each other more often. We communicate through text and call, I adjusted to his schedule even though it’s tiring and too much work but for the name that I love him and he love me too.

Even though having a long distance relationship is not exciting as many people say, we manage to be together. Then I was literally shocked that he had come home, I was so happy to know that he will not be going back because his planning to go back to school and continue his studies. We became stable and proud yet that tragic day had come hos mother knew about our relationship, she’s not happy about me being the girlfriend of his son. I thought that this happen only in cinemas but it happened to me, he broke up with me and yes! His the one who broke up with me because that’s what her mother want. I cried for so many nights that made my sister furious.

But, yeah, I have to accept the fact that people may look nice but that someone may not like you the way you liked them.

This moment is unforgettable due to the happiness and the sadness i felt during the said relationship but don’t worry guys I have moved on and found the man that makes my heart skipped a beat again .