As I wake up each day, I always give thanks to the Lord for letting me experience another life, another day to feel His undying love not just for me but for everyone in this world we are living in. But as I grew, as I gain knowledge I have really noticed how the world is changing, how people do some things that is not that healthy for themselves but also not healthy for others. Why do some of this people have this grudge over violence? How come they can do such things? So many questions that’s pondering my mind right now about this phenomena where witnessing right now.

During my childhood years I don’t really care about the news because I was too busy being a child nut as I grew older I have realized that lately all the news that is been published whether in the social sites, radio stations, television it’s always about bad things, like killing, bombing, etc. I know there are still some good news in it but out of 100% I could say that there is 80% news today are about violence. Even if it’s involving popular persona or just regular people. There are also crimes being committed within the church. As for the officials that run our country.

Who would forget the massacre that happened just this year? The tragic massacre that killed our 44 soldiers in Masasapano, Maguindanao. That fatal night that killed a father, a son and a human being.That night that they fought for our country just to hunt down 1 terrorist and they are successful in killing that said 1 man but exchanged it with the lives of 44 soldiers. A tragic event it is and people in the politics keep on blaming person after person. How come they cannot stand up and admit that they have done a wrong move? How do they sleep at night?

People are people but do we really need to be unfair and unjust to giving this world a peaceful world to live in? Why can’t we just live our lives in unity? Well , I think many people want popularity, power and money, who wouldn’t want that right? Do it really have to be cruelty?

I wanna have a place to live in that not scares me to sleep at night, having this questions in my mind. I wanna grow my future children to a community where people won’t  indicate any possible violence. A peaceful world is that a hard thing to ask right now? Are we just gonna let violence jump in first?


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