Hi! I am writing about my sister today. I’m gonna share to the world how wonderful it is to have an older sister .

My sister’s name is Alice Kierstine S. Mapano, she is now 24 years of age and she’s gonna be 25 this June. She is a graduate of Bukidnon State University having the degree of Bachelor of Public Administration major in Local Governance.

My sister and i have a huge gap on our age, 6 years to be exact, despite the huge gap we remained close and open with each other. she is the type of person than can adjust at any people she will meet. I do like the way my sister would treat people in a nice way even if that person may not be suitable to be in the circle of friends she has, she can adapt quickly. No matter what scenario of characteristics that people may have. Many of my friends told me that my sister is “maldita”, honestly speaking yes, she is very maldita to the people who are not nice and to the people who have been bad to us specially to my mother and I. She’s is very much protective of me that even though she don’t like one of my friend, she would be forced to like her just to make me happy.

My sister is always optimistic in every way possible, I don’t know where she get that attitude that despite the hardship she had experienced in her life, she still manage to smile and be strong all through out the years. My sisters’ weak side can be only seen by me even though she will not tell me what’s wrong. She don’t want to share any problems of her to anyone because she’s afraid that they will pity her.

Having her as my older sister makes me feel so lucky. She saves me from pain and sadness, she is my strength in times of struggles and difficulties. I admire her in many ways she could imagine, she doesn’t know what she brings in my life. Every aspects of her makes me want to be strong cause I know that she’s in pain now yet she manage to show us how important it is to have a relationship with God.

Ate if you will read this I hope I’ve made you smile despite just a second. I now that you’re happy but also now that you cry yourself to sleep at night. Please do remember that I’m always here . I love you ate


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