Hi everyone! This is my first time ever to write in my blog. Well i hope you will all like it, I will start by sharing with you some facts about me and whats my experiences in life. So here goes nothing.

My name is Jeka Mapano Joaquin, Im 19 years old and im currently residing at San Isidro,Talakag bukidnon. I was born on April 12, 1996 at the hospital in our town. I actually go to school at BSUTEC stands for Bukidnon State University Talakag Extension Campus, a 1st year student taking up Bachelor of Public Administration. We are three in the family and im the middle child. I have an older sister, her name is Alice Kierstine S. Mapano and obviously i have a younger brother named Jayson Mapano Joaquin. My mothers’ name is Alicia Mapano Joaquin, she’s a midwife in the Local Government Unit of Talakag while my fathers’ name is Reynaldo B. Joaquin and im proud to say that he is a farmer

My characteristics are these are based on what people told me. Im not a God-fearing person but a God-loving person,humble, and im kind hearted. My favorite color is yellow, i know it’s very obvious on my site right?. Well im also shy as well. I don’t like to be the center of attraction. Many people people would say that  im pretty, well yeah im pretty, i should love myself you know . Oh! Oh! I love my friends even if i dont have that much but i treasure them a lot, they are like family as well .

Well regarding to loving someone who’se not a family member, hmmm yes I have loved and fall out of love, a couple of times actually. but i have to say I did not regret of having failed relationships because it helped me to be a better person and helped me to be much wiser the next time that I will be in a relationship. And yes, know I have found someone who makes me laugh and cry at the same time .

Im really lucky to be in this family where I am now today, we may not be that rich , that perfect but still we manage to smile, to cry and to love each other whole-kindheartedly.I love them to the moon and back

Well I guess that’s it for now my beautiful readers ( if ever i have one ). Il be posting more soon.