I have chosen this video of the popular true to life love team Jamich which is entitled By Chance. They became popular way back 2012 if I could remember it right. They have this you tube channel which they post their short films  that films that hit the Filipino  people due to “kilig” factor they are showing in there videos.

This video, By Chance is there most popular one due to the fact that this video is there true love story. When I saw it for the time, I have really enjoyed it and found out that they have been posting more and more short films and as expected they become more popular. During that year where people start to recognize them, they became the most searched couple in the you tube and other social media sites.

The due to the fact that they are popular through you tube, they have been invited to many shows on television and radio stations. They have a fan based already in different areas not only in Metro Manila but also in other cities all over the Philippines.

After that instant popularity, Jamich is quietly vanishing from the said spot light. Many fans wondered what happened to the you tube stars. People start to forget the love team .As years passed by many speculate that the said love team separate ways due to issues that happened. Last year, 2014, the love team hit the spot light again, but in a very hard situation, Jam Sebastian has been diagnosed with lung cancer and its stage 4. That broke everyone’s heart and as what people thought also Michelle Liggayu. The said couple battled the cancer for almost a year but as what God has planned for Jam. He died, March 2015. People show there sympathy to the family of Jam but almost to Michelle. But social media now hates Mitch because of her alleged cheating to a man named Neo. All I can say is that many loves don’t last forever. Maybe they are not really meant for each other. I just hope that Mitch did love Jam till his last breath. Jam rest in peace.


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