Life is like a bottle of war, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but whatever it takes we always put in our mind that those things are just a challenge for us to test our faith. We may encounter different experiences in life, an experience that sometimes it’s hard to forget and sometimes an experience that worse as ever.

My unforgettable moment started  when I fall in love to a guy  which I thought would be my happy ever after .

He was my childhood friend. We became friends because his sister and I are friends and also we have a lot of common friends. We are not that close yet every time we bumped into each other we gave each other half-smiles due to the awkwardness we feel for each other.

As days passed by we became close and that feeling that you realized that I like him and I find him attractive. I kept that feeling to anyone even to his sister because I was scared that he may knew that i have this crush on him but later did I know that his sister knew that i liked him through my actions. I do really blush every time he talks to me, even if it’s just a simple hi, it makes my heart skipped a beat.

Years passed by I just ignored the feeling because i knew we wouldn’t end up having a relationship but secretly I just hide it in the corner of my heart . We merely see each other due to the busy life we have. Apparently we end up being text mates, we text all through the night and sometimes we call each other just to patch things up. Then there that came that day that he actually told me that he has feelings for me, shocked as ever i still managed to maintain myself from jumping on my bed and hide that ” kilig factor “. My blood rushed to my face that made me like red as an apple. He asked me to be his girlfriend then due to the feelings that hide to the corner of my heart i gave him that yes that he wanted to hear.

That day was the most happiest. I’m really inspired to wake up each day even though I have some problems yet I can still ignore it because I know he is always there to comfort and encourage me to be positive in life. Our relationship is going strong until he told me that he decided to work far but just in the Philippines. I was scared to continue the relationship because many people say that long distance relationship won’t work at all. He told me that everything will be just fine, so we continued the said relationship. the first few days are really hard because we are used on seeing each other more often. We communicate through text and call, I adjusted to his schedule even though it’s tiring and too much work but for the name that I love him and he love me too.

Even though having a long distance relationship is not exciting as many people say, we manage to be together. Then I was literally shocked that he had come home, I was so happy to know that he will not be going back because his planning to go back to school and continue his studies. We became stable and proud yet that tragic day had come hos mother knew about our relationship, she’s not happy about me being the girlfriend of his son. I thought that this happen only in cinemas but it happened to me, he broke up with me and yes! His the one who broke up with me because that’s what her mother want. I cried for so many nights that made my sister furious.

But, yeah, I have to accept the fact that people may look nice but that someone may not like you the way you liked them.

This moment is unforgettable due to the happiness and the sadness i felt during the said relationship but don’t worry guys I have moved on and found the man that makes my heart skipped a beat again .


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