I know just by the title of my new post, you would also remember moments that you’re afraid of sharing or even don’t like to experience again yet I also know that despite that you have enjoyed even for a little bit of it. Let me share with you some of my embarrassing moments of my life. So i hope you have experienced it too. Nah! I’m just kidding. Enjoy reading guys.

Way back when I’m still at a very young age or let me simplify it during my elementary days, I’ve experienced a lot if awkward moments that now I just laugh about it. For example, when you climb a tree and accidentally, you fell hard on the ground and then you’re friends laugh at you? Haha, yeah i knew you have experienced it too. I also experienced  running so fast and just stumble down so hard that all you have to do is go home and cry because of embarrassment  .

During high school I’ve joined a pageant despite me being shy and not having any self-esteem in my blood yet I still entered. But after the said pageant I realized how embarrassing it is to enter such thing. Posing for picture and being published all through out school and I think also in the internet. How ugly I am way back.

Well this happened just recently. I have been suffering from pain in my foot for quite a while now but because I’m stubborn I still went to school despite the excruciating pain I’m feeling. i forced my foot to walk all throughout the day and at school. During having a lecture from one of our instructor my classmates actually my close friend noticed that I’m became more pale as of my normal color, she ten asked me what’s going on. I told her that my foot is hurting so bad that I could not contain the pain anymore. Then a sudden commotion happened, my classmates panicked because I am about to collapsed any minute. My classmates decided that I should go home. One of my classmate has his own ride so two of them helped me and offered me a ride home. When we reached home one of my classmate carried me home because I cannot walk for myself. After putting me down he said ” Jeka, you’re to little and skinny yet you are heavy. “. Immediately I blushed out of embarrassment and too shy to spoke to him for quite some time. But now were good as new.

Remembering some of this moments makes me laugh hard because it made me realize that you have to experienced all that just to be as good and as better as ever. That are some of my embarrassing moments in life. 


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